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Predesigned House Plans
2 Minutes

November 2023 Promotion

Unlock the potential of your future home with our exclusive promotion — save $500 on any predesigned house plan purchased before the end of November. Take advantage of our flexible "Home Plan Raincheck," allowing you to secure today's promotional price with the freedom to select your design later.

During November Only!

$500 Off a Predesigned House Plan

This is a token of our commitment to help you create a home that stands the test of time, at an even more affordable price point.

We're thrilled to present you with an exclusive $500 discount on the purchase of a predesigned house plan worth $1,500 or more. This incredible offer is only valid until the end of November. Don't miss out!

Flexibility in Planning

Choose Modifications Later:

Choose your plan now and decide on the modification details later. Our flexible process means you can secure your discounted rate today and finalize any modifications you need whenever you're ready.

Decide Later with a "Home Plan Raincheck":

Lock in the promotional discount now with the flexibility to select an exact home plan at a later date.

Are you still comparing multiple plans and unsure about which plan to choose? No problem!

Purchase a "Home Plan Raincheck" of $1,000 this month toward your future plan selection and receive a promo code for a $500 discount valid for the next 18 months. When it's time to make your choice, simply apply the combined value of $1,500 towards any plan.

Promotional Conditions:
  • This promotional discount of $500 applies to orders of $1500 or more.
  • Each customer can make up to 3 promotional purchases. Builders/Developers may message us regarding bulk purchases.
  • The "Home Plan Raincheck" is non-refundable but fully transferable—a perfect and unique gift!
  • The promotional value of the "Home Plan Raincheck" is valid for 18 months from November 30th, 2023. Afterward, the raincheck retains its original value of $1,000 indefinitely.
  • All plan modifications will follow our standard process and fee structure.

Promotion Options:

  1. At checkout use the code: "500Off". Or you may email us with your selected plan name or plan number at and we'll assist you in processing your order.
  2. Interested in the flexibility of a "Home Plan Raincheck"? PURCHASE HERE >

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