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British Low Country, Custom Home in Alva, FL

In this article, learn about the customer experience you can expect through the custom home design process. Read about this stunning low-country custom home in Alva, FL.

British Colonial Low Country: Alva, FL

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Timeless custom home design

Explore the process of designing a custom home and learn about the wonderful project located in Alva, Florida. This British Colonial Low Country style residence is situated in the picturesque town of Alva, close to Fort Myers. Alva is one of the oldest settlements in southwest Florida, known for its sprawling oaks and easy access to the Caloosahatchee River, leading to the Gulf of Mexico. The residence is surrounded by large oak trees and offers breathtaking views of the natural surroundings. You can even enjoy panoramic sunsets from this corner-shaped parcel abutting the Caloosahatchee River.

Inspired by her trips to the Carolinas, Luann CollinsBroker/Owner of Paragon Florida Realty – desired a British Colonial Low Country style home that blended in with her water-front parcel's natural features. While in Charleston, North Carolina, she discovered the homes created by W.A. "Bud" Lawrence, the founder of Period Style Homes (PSH). After examining PSH's award-winning designs, she reached out to them and commissioned the team to design her family's home in 2002.

During his first consultation with the owner, Lawrence was struck by Luann's passion for authentic British Colonial style, which heavily influenced the design process. After learning about the family's specific requirements and preferences, a clear design program was established. By integrating the style's historical background with the family's needs, Lawrence was able to create the ideal dream home that perfectly suited the parcel's characteristics.

British Colonial Low Country Characteristics

The British Colonial Low Country was built in the southern part of the 13 colonies, especially in the Carolinas and Georgia. English settlers began with small one-bedroom cottages that followed British Colonial standards. As time passed, the style changed to use materials that were easily accessible in the region and to suit the hot and humid climate. Moreover, the size of the houses grew as the family expanded, with "wings" being added.

Characteristics typical of British Colonial Low Country style homes:

  • Centralized main living areas.
  • Private living areas located in "wings."
  • Raised first floor or stem wall.
  • Large hip roofs.
  • Dormers or transoms.
  • Large porches with columns around the house.
  • Large windows in the front and rear of the home.
  • Shutters.
  • Centered entryway.

Throughout history, these design features were extremely practical, particularly for homes located near coastal and intercoastal areas. Even after 300 years, these design features remain highly useful and visually appealing.

Design Process

Lawrence has seamlessly blended traditional British Colonial Low Country style elements with contemporary living to create a stunning home. This 5,802 square foot abode spans two floors and boasts five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, an office, and a game room. Step onto the charming front porch and you will find a guest en suite conveniently located near the foyer. As you move inside, the living, kitchen, and dining areas offer breathtaking views of the river. The master suite has a private entrance from the living areas and rear porch, and includes a spacious closet, master bath, and a cozy sitting area with serene water views. Upstairs, two additional en suite bedrooms and a bonus room with a balcony await. An expansive three-car side load garage is just one of the modern amenities that have been thoughtfully integrated into the classic British Colonial Low Country elevation.

To achieve an authentic British Colonial Low Country style, it was important to carry the proportions of the style through to the interior millwork and finishes. The proportions of the moulding and casing in the design were reflective of the original style, as were the kitchen millwork, staircase and railings, and fireplace. With meticulous attention paid to every detail, this home was crafted to honor and replicate the authentic British Colonial Low Country style.

Client Experience

Luann Collins, the homeowner, treasures the southern hospitality that her home exemplified. The open living room and spacious kitchen provided ample space for hosting countless gatherings for church family and the annual PTA party. The upstairs area served as a perfect retreat for children and teenagers. This house holds many cherished memories for the family, and Luann is thankful for PSH's design expertise that culminated in such a stunning finished product.

The Collins family will forever cherish the memories they made at their Oakview Circle home. Now that they are moving up north, they hope this British Colonial Low Country Style home will serve as a source of joy for a new family. With plenty of space to entertain, unwind, and thrive, this property is truly one-of-a-kind. If you're interested in learning more about the listing,  please click here.

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