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Proudly showcasing award-winning designer: W.A. "Bud" Lawrence (PSH Founder)

Providing beautiful and timeless residential designs across a wide range of housing types. PSH homes are renowned for their superior beauty, comfort, constructability, and value generation for homeowners.

Our offerings span dozens of home types across both single-family and multi-family categories.
Every PSH home plan is designed to be:
01) authentic to its regional style
02) ideal for contemporary living
03) cost-effective to build

House Plan Catalog

the definitive collection of W.A. "Bud" Lawrence designs

Building your home using a predesigned home plan is a time-saving and cost-effective option for many families. Choose from thousands of proven home designs from our catalog, all of which can be modified to perfectly suite your needs.

All floor plans are designed with contemporary livability in mind, are designed for cost-effective construction, and are timeless in their beauty. We feature plans from over 40 authentic regional styles. Browse our sample online catalog to get a taste of what our plans have to offer, and when you're ready, message us with your exact plan criteria in order to get a tailored selection of plans from our full catalog.


TND Plan Library

Plans tailored to Traditional Neighborhood Development and New Urbanist design patterns. Ideal for a.) Developers/Builders, b.) Municipalities, and c.) A&E Professionals alike.

The TND Plan Library is a market-ready home plans solution spanning a wide variety of product types and lot configurations. Each plan includes multiple authentically-styled elevations, multiple lot & garage configurations, and various floor plan options. In addition, each plan license comes with a 3D model & renderings, as well as print & web marketing material (customized to your brand); exactly what you need to jumpstart your marketing & sales efforts.

All of this combines to a solution that quickly gets you to market, and with the highest quality product possible!

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Luxury Home Design

Proudly showcasing award-winning designer: W.A. "Bud" Lawrence

For decades, PSH has been the preferred choice for discerning clients seeking authentic traditional design and custom luxury homes. We take pride in creating elegant and enduring living spaces that cater to the most discerning clientele.

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Master Planning &
Mixed-Use Developments

Specializing in New Urbanist and Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) projects.

Our Master Planning services range from community design to development of residential and mixed-use product lines. This includes preliminary design for feasibility studies/ entitlements/ approvals, to final permit drawings.

W.A. "Bud" Lawrence, the Founder and Lead Designer of Period Style Homes, has been a dedicated advocate of new urbanism for many decades. He is a member of The Urban Guild and has actively participated in and promoted the core principles of CNU and ICAA for several decades. These principles are deeply ingrained in the culture and focus of Period Style Homes.

"Celebrating over 50 years of design excellence!"
OUR MISSION is to transform the housing landscape by providing affordable access to beautiful, timeless home designs. Every PSH home plan is designed to be 01) authentic to its regional style, 02) ideal for contemporary living, and 03) cost-effective to build.
This approach provides A.) for homeowners, the highest equity asset possible, and B.) for builders/ developers, the most marketable and competitive product possible. Join us in this mission to provide enriching and beautiful home experiences for all.

Each home plan offers timeless exteriors that never become dated, coupled with contemporary floor plans—designed for the way you want to live.

We want to create homes that give homeowners a sense of pride and happiness.

We invite you to view our collection below.

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