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Plans specially tailored for Traditional Neighborhood Development.

A Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND): is a planning and design approach that aims to create pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhoods with a sense of community and a focus on human-scale development. TNDs typically feature a mix of housing types that promotes diversity in housing options and encourages social interaction among residents. Our TND Plan Library is an innovative approach helping developers, jurisdictions, and other industry professionals overcome obstacles to the design process.

Standard Single
More Coming Soon

The TND Plan Library is a catalog of predesigned plans specifically tailored for TND projects. Each plan has been equipped with a host of features to get you to market quickly, cost-effectively, and with the highest quality product possible.

A TND plan includes...

  1. Floor Plan, many include popular options.
  2. Multiple Elevations of various regional styles.
  3. Multiple lot configurations, such as front-load, rear-load, side-load, zero-lot, etc.
  4. 3D Model & Renderings. Fully interactive and can be navigated on desktop or tablet.
  5. Print & Web Marketing Collateral. Brochure, social media posts, assets for web display.
All these features combine to swiftly bring your project to market. This includes expediting the permitting and construction process, as well as securing early buy-in, approvals, presales and fundraising.


PSH has thousands of archived predesigned plans to pull from, with more being formatted for the TND Plan Library every month.
Thriving TND communities are purposeful about their mix of product options.

The TND Plan Library currently features the following product types with more plans and categories being adding every month. Successful TNDs are purposeful about having a wide variety of product options for residents. The benefits include Diverse Housing Options, Increased Market Appeal, Social Interaction & Community Building, Economic Resilience, and Aesthetic & Urban Design Appeal.

Standard Single
More Coming Soon
Small Footprint Homes. This was considered a typical sized house pre-60s.

A cottage home is a small dwelling typically known for their charm, simplicity, and intimate scale. Having a smaller footprint makes these home more affordable and easier to maintain.  Cottage homes often offer more attainable housing options compared to larger single-family homes. This allows for a diverse mix of residents, including young professionals, empty nesters, and small families. Cottage homes are popular among those seeking a simpler and more intimate lifestyle, as they offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere that encourages a close-knit community feel.

Multiplex Units
Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex, et cetera

These housing types promote efficient land use, provide diverse housing options, and offer cost savings. Configurations include side-by-side, back-to-back, or stacked units. Multiplex housing provides a range of housing options within the same development. Different unit sizes and layouts can cater to various household sizes, lifestyles, and income levels. This diversity attracts a wider range of residents to the community. Shared walls and infrastructure reduce construction and maintenance costs, making these housing types more affordable for both developers and residents. Additionally, shared amenities and services can be more cost-effective when distributed among multiple units.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a self-contained living unit that is located on the same property as a primary residence. Also known as an Alley Flat, Carriage House, Granny Flat, In-law Suite, or backyard cottage, an ADU is typically smaller in size and has its own separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. While ADUs can be attached to the main house, such as a converted attic/basement or garage, they are often detached structures like a standalone cottage or apartment above a garage. ADUs are designed to provide additional housing options on residential properties, allowing homeowners to accommodate extended family members, or generate rental income. This product type provides for flexible and diverse housing options within the community.

Attached Narrow Homes
Townhouses and Rowhouses

The Narrow Home category is designed to maximize space, making efficient use of the available land with increased density. Attached Narrow Homes share one or more walls with their neighbors, typically have a long and narrow footprint, with multiple levels to accommodate living spaces. This design allows for a higher density of housing while maintaining a sense of community and walkability within the neighborhood.


Licensing from the TND Plan Library is often 50% more cost-effective than traditional methods.
The TND Plan Library provides a unique quick-to-market solution for master-planned communities, infill developments, feasibility studies, and the securement of funding or approvals.
Every decision during the planning and programming phases will impact the financial viability of the project. Profitability is impacted by both tangible and intangible factors, many of which are shaped at the very outset of the project's programming. Our services aim to give developers a flexible and cost-effective solution to capture and control costs, respond to market needs, and arrive to market with the very best offering. Our services are geared to provide various developer benefits:
  • Get to market faster
  • Limit carrying costs
  • Start presales sooner
  • Eliminate time-intensive coordination involved with artwork and marketing vendors
  • Accelerate community close out
Our design and licensing programs are flexible and customized to meet the specific needs of each individual project.
Jurisdictions (AHJs)
Each jurisdiction strives to foster dynamic communities while also ensuring sustainable returns on their public investments. In today's world, where large-scale 'big box' development dominates the landscape, it's essential for jurisdictions to equip local developers with the necessary tools and support to remain competitive. This assistance can often make the crucial difference between whether local development is possible. By empowering local developers, jurisdictions can balance economic growth with community-focused development, cultivating diverse, thriving, and economically resilient communities.
Many jurisdictions are paving the way for local development opportunities by adopting pre-reviewed plan books and granting conditional approvals. This strategy not only enhances the quality of the product being developed but also results in improved financial outcomes for all parties involved, both private and public.
A&E Professionals
Firms seeking to enhance their technical and creative teams with design services and support can benefit from PSH's extensive plan catalog and consulting expertise. This advantage gives A&E firms the edge they need to expand their offerings and strengthen their presence in the market. Teaming up with PSH has helped many firms round out their service and skill offerings, resulting in securing the "yes" on the early creative phases, and thereby locking in the backend phases and associated revenue.
PSH has teamed up with other industry professionals on a project-specific, market-specific, or duration-specific basis. If you're a business owner and would like to discuss strategic opportunities, schedule a call with us.
Support Services Include: 
  • Design Services
  • Access to Predesigned Plan Catalog
  • Illustration & Rendering Support
  • Business & Project Management Consulting

We can tailor a program around the specific needs of your TND project, including predesigned plans, new plan development, and marketing collateral.

PSH provides of host of resources and plan services to better equip jurisdictions and local developers alike.

Create a top-notch project team with the addition of PSH's expertise and services. A collaborative and team-oriented lineup is essential for the success of any TND project.

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