Predesigned Plan Package Types

Which package should you purchase?

Build License Packages

This package type is ideal if you are ordering the plan "as is" (without the need to make design modifications) or will be ordering modifications from PSH.

You may convert a purchase of the PDF Package to a DWG Package if you later determine that a DWG will better suit your needs. To convert your purchase from PDF to DWG will require the difference in price + $150 administration fee.

DWG files can be opened and edited in a variety of CAD software.
If you plan to have modifications performed by anyone other than PSH, then you will want to purchase the DWG package.

NON-Build License Packages

The following packages DO NOT come with any license to build, reproduce or modify in any way. They are intended for presentation and evaluation purposes only.

A Study Plan refers to presentation plans that consist of the floor plans, exterior elevations, detail sheet, and interior elevations.
The cost of a Study Plan can be credited to the purchase of that plan within 12 months.

Homeowners often purchase a Study Plan for the purpose of examining the plan and/or reviewing it with their builder or HOA.
Builders often purchase Study Plans to compare and review with their clients or their real estate team.

The following items provide an excellent way to further examine a specific plan prior to purchase.

02.a Marketing Brochure
This is a print-quality single page brochure that contains the front elevation rendering, floor plan, and general plan tabulation. This format is designed to print on sheets up to 11x17. You will receive the PDF of the brochure to print at your home or office. These are ideal for discussing plan selections with others. PRICE: $15

02.b Interactive 3D Model
This 3D model can be viewed on your desktop or tablet device (by downloading the free SketchUp Viewer application). All exterior details will be present, as well as all interior walls. You will be able to freely navigate the model and view preset perspectives that show the plan best. PRICES: $375 (plans under 6,000 square feet), $575 (plans over 6,000 square feet)

The marketing packages listed above provide an excellent way to further examine a specific plan prior to a purchase.
- Homeowners might use these to discuss options with their local builder.
- Builders may find these to be useful presentation tools when discussing potential designs to a client.
These packages are for presentation purposes only and along with the Study Plan, do NOT include a build license.
You may purchase any of these packages on the detail page of the specific plan you're considering.
Alternatively, you may also email us with the plan number(s) and the packages you would like to order>.