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All In One Construction Loan


The All In One Loan lowers costs and maximizes the benefits of homeownership!



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Construction Financing

  1. One Application, One Closing, One Loan
  2. Include land in the financing or build on alot you already own
  3. Loan amounts up to $3 Million.
    Larger amounts considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Build a new primary or vacation home
  5. Dedicated, In-House Construction Team manages draws

Program Benefits

  1. 30-year draw home equity line of credit
  2. Includes secured personal sweep-banking
  3. Repays loan principal faster during construction
  4. Money used to paydown remains liquid 24/7
  5. Lowers monthly and lifetime interest expense

Ron Bork

Sales Manager, CMG Financial

"Today’s homebuyers tend to choose their mortgage on tradition and an unawareness of alternatives. And for many, a 30-year fixed rate is simply NOT The best choice! My mission, along with providing competitive mortgage financing, is to help educate and enlighten homebuyers and owners. What I have to share quite literally changes lives. Imagine cutting the pay back of your mortgage from 30 years down to 5 -10 years. Imagine eliminating multiple tens of thousands of dollars of interest. The most common comment I get from customers is - I wish I learned this 10/20/30 years ago!"

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What makes the All in One such a great choice for construction financing?

Most construction loans function as a credit line for 1 year and then convert to a permanent 29-year mortgage. The All in One is different; it remains a line of credit for the life of the loan. In addition, the All in One is an offset mortgage. This means that it combines your mortgage with checking and savings accounts to reduce interest costs.

What is an Offset Mortgage and how does it work?

The All in One loan is an offset mortgage. Rather than allowing your funds to sit in low or no interest checking and/or savings accounts, they are applied to the balance daily. Being a line of credit, money can flow both in and out. This enables account holders to have direct deposits or manually deposit their income (reducing the balance) and also to pay expenses (increasing the balance). Borrowers that earn more income than they spend will see their balances drop, often very quickly. When used as a construction loan, you can begin paying down the balance from day one knowing that all the funds placed into the line can be withdrawn at any time for any purpose.

How much interest can I expect to save with an All in One construction loan?

The amount of interest you can save with an All in One loan is dependent upon how it is used. To gain maximum interest savings, funnel all your income and pay all your expenses from the account. See, a majority of homeowners could save tens of thousands of dollars of interest considering their income and expenses. But with traditional mortgages, we can’t aggressively pay them down because they are close ended… once principal is paid, it cannot be re-accessed. But with an All in One loan, 100% of your funds remain available. This allows us to aggressively pay down the balance knowing that if we need or want funds returned, we simply write a check, use an ATM, or pay bills. On average, we find homeowners can reduce their pay off times from 30 years to under 8 years.